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EV car charging

Electric car repairs and diagnostics in Coatbridge

Get specialist treatment for your electric vehicle at our garage in Coatbridge. Aqua Fleet Coatbridge have knowledge and expertise in repairing electric vehicles. 

High quality service

Industry experts 

Qualified professionals

Get repairs on your electric vehicles

While they are very reliable, we understand that your electric vehicle will need more specialist repairs, from having different issues and faults to different mechanisms in the car. Aqua Fleet Coatbridge have years of experience of helping EV drivers have their cars repaired, so they can continue to drive the sustainable way. 


If you're having problems with your electric vehicle, we're here to help. With specialist diagnostic equipment for EVs, we can assist with both issues specific to electrical vehicles and those that can happen to any car. We will advise you about any repairs that are needed.

White electric vehicle charging


Electrical vehicles can have specific issues that may need resolving, such as repairing and maintaining the cabin air filter and brake fluid. We'll be able to assist with any regular upkeep or maintenance of your car, so it can stay running as efficiently as possible. 

Stay in charge

We have an EV charging point on site, so while you're waiting or we're looking after your vehicle, you can save the hassle about worrying about losing charge and having to find the nearest charging point and know that you can conveniently recharge whenever you need it. 

Electrical vehicle charging point

Get your electric vehicle repairs in Coatbridge

Contact Aqua Fleet Coatbridge to get advice on the repairs that you need. We're here to help and advise you on every part of the process. 

Call us: 01236 268040 
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