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Mechanic checking the electrics of a vehicle

Car electrics with Aqua Fleet Coatbridge

We're electric specialists in Coatbridge here to help with all aspects of diagnosis and repairs, fully accredited by Bosch. 

High quality service

Industry experts 

Qualified professionals

Vehicle electric specialists

Car electrics are a highly specialised area of the repairs and maintenance of your vehicle. Aqua Fleet Coatbridge have the knowledge and the specialist skills to ensure that your vehicle electrics are working the best that they can. 

Making things simple

Modern cars are getting more and more high-tech, with an increasing number of electrical and computerised components that can affect the running of your vehicle. It can sometimes seem like a car is becoming more like a computer every day! This makes electrical repairs a crucial part of ensuring your vehicle is up to scratch. We can run a full diagnostic test to find the electrical faults, and resolve them to ensure that your car is working properly. 

Fault finding on a blue car for car electrics on a laptop

Integrated systems

You may be having issues with integrated systems in your vehicle, such as the computer system and any integrated functions like your radio and music system. We will be able to find out any issues, so you'll be able to use your systems as you would normally in no time at all. 

Signs of electrical faults in your vehicle

  • Warning lights or notifications while you're driving

  • Losing power with integrated systems such as the radio connection, and even windows and headlights

  • An unusual noise that changes with your speed

  • Vehicle stalling

Mechanic repairing a vehicle

Making car electrics easy

Contact Aqua Fleet Coatbridge to book your diagnostics and repairs in Coatbridge, and we'll quickly resolve the problems.  

Call us: 01236 268040 
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