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Car repairs with Aqua Fleet Coatbridge

No matter the problems you may be having with your vehicle, we can quickly diagnose and repair the problems at our Coatbridge garage. 

High quality service

Industry experts 

Qualified professionals

The highest standard of service

We take pride in your vehicle, and making sure that it is safe, working correctly and ready for the road. Aqua Fleet Coatbridge have the knowledge and understanding of all vehicle makes and models, so you can know that we'll be able to resolve the problem and complete any car repairs.

Bosch approved standards

We are a Bosch accredited garage, so every repair that we complete meets the rigorous standards of the organisation. When you get repairs from us, you can know that they will make sure the problem is resolved, and will stand the test of time, and can be assured that we take the utmost care in resolving the issues. 

Mechanic repairing a car

Specialist repairs

From clutches to brakes, exhausts to batteries, we can repair it all. Whether your vehicle is petrol, diesel or electric, we will ensure to provide specialist repairs based on the problem at hand. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Brakes and clutches

  • Batteries

  • Electrics

  • Fuel injections

  • Engine tuning, conversion and repairs 

  • Steering adjustment

  • Wheel alignment, tracking and balancing

A quick and convenient service

With all repairs that we complete, we aim to make them as convenient as possible. We want to combine the quality and attention to detail you'd expect with ensuring that your vehicle is useable as soon as possible, to avoid the hassle of being unable to use it.

Mechanic in blue overalls repairing a car tyre

Call us for car repairs in Coatbridge

Contact Aqua Fleet Coatbridge to discuss your requirements, and learn more about our specialist vehicle repairs. 

Call us: 01236 268040 
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